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shooting but they are confident the gunman acted alone. >> reporter: james holmes was arrested peacefully. >> police officers found thegonman in the back -- the gunman in the back of the theater. >> reporter: he was carrying a one ar-15, a remington 870 shotgun and two 40-caliber glock handguns. >> wearing the full armor. arm pads and leg pads. >> a helmet, a vest, tactical. places to put all kinds of gear and clips and it was bullet proof. >> reporter: police got a surprise. >> he had his hair painted red. he said he was the joker. >> reporter: in fact, some of the people in the theater believed he was part of the show. >> it was during a shoot out scene. >> reporter: he bought a ticket, left through an emergency door and properred itope -- propped it open and came back and opened fire. >> no one could see anything. >> i was terrified. i dove into the aisle and he started shooting people behind me. >> there was this one guy on all four crawling, there was a girl spitting up blood. >> i just got out and there was a moment where my daughter tripped tripped and i was dragging her. >> report
of him in the courtroom. police say 24-year-old james holmes is the man who opened fire in a crowded theater in aurora, colorado. his victims saw him in bulletproof body armor. today they got quite a surprise. >> reporter: james holmes appeared dazed, confused and sometimes comatose in his first court appearance. james holmes did not say a word as the judge said he would be charged one week from today and that bail is out of the question. >> given the nature of the charges you are held on a no bond hold. >> reporter: he was arrested friday morning outside the movie theater where he killed 12 and wounded 58 others during the movie dark knight rises. he was in front of the theater when the gunman began shooting. the man he saw today has nothing in common with the cold blooded killer who appeared before him in body armor. the brother of the sportscaster killed, says he believes james holmes is putting on an act. >> this guy is nothing -- he is a coward and a genius. >> reporter: the father of another victim was at the hearing today. >> death. >> reporter: prosecutor's say it is too earl
are dead. there are at least 40 people in critical condition. a 24 year-old, james holmes is and police custody. sadly, this is the proximity thof columbine, tragedy. nine people are listed in critical condition. with reports of a three-month old is in sight of that theater. some of these victims ranged in age from just three months old. the screening of the batman movie, 'the dark knight rises'. the shooter is in custody they believe that he was the only person involved in this attack. a smoke dough ithe vicdevice. >> and one person said that my friend was shot. and i said, what? and we ran down to his house and and i am here. i am not going to go to work because it is irrelevant. i want to make sure that near my friend's side. it is irrelevant if i have to go to work. >> it is disgusting. and i am a firm believer and god and all i can do is pray. >> the search brought a handgun as they searched his a vehicle. this is ski police chief. this is the police chief. >> we have a least 10 victims in the theater. and we do know that people have died at area hospitals. >> we continue to follow
at this point. . >>reporter: james holmes has been planning this for months. . this individual,>> 12 people died and nearly 60 were hurt from this fire tear meat midnight showin shooting. . president obama paid a visit. >> a confessed to them that words are always an adequate for these types of situation. my main task was to serve as a representative for the entire country and let them know the we are thinking about them at this moment and we will continue to think about them each and every day. >> james holmes is aexpected to appear in court. he has been planning this rampage for months, it is believed. no motive. he will be in court at 8:3 he0 this new video of the president as he visited the survivors in a hospital. stephanie dvd = davies.. president obama found out that the one girl helped save her friend's life. she was shot in the neck. her friend rushed to save her. could lead stories like this will bring the community together. >> law enforcement officials are saying that the largest mass shooting in u.s. history might have been much worse. if that the gun not jammedd cjames holmes is ex
mitigation impact however this is saying that he was not a drug. james holmes is due back in court next monday. today a judge ruled that cameras will not be allowed. there has been clip an outpouring of emotion into average citizens. >> these 12 white crosses are serving as a grief sentiment each representing a life lost. people have been stopping by and aurora, colorado to write messages for the victims. one woman came a fort the youngest. six year-old. she was in her movie theater with her mother inches now paralyzed. >> want to tell her mother this. i am out here for you. for your daughter. i've loved you. and i am sorry for your loss. i am so sorry! i am so sorry. (sobbing) >> this hard warming seen seven heartwarming -- of the denver broncos. with support from the medical staff. he even showed up and his air national guard. this showing kristin -- christian bayle is there to meet with the victims and for the people that are helping him hill. eal.. new details. we spoke to his fifth grade teacher. they say that they knew him very well. his teacher said that somewhere along along and
people and injuring at least deadliest mass shootings in recent u.s. history. holmes had an assault rifle, a shotgun and two pistols, a federal law enforcement official said, speaking on fbi agents and police used a to reach holmes' apartment and discovered the unit was booby trapped. authorities evacuated five buildings as they determine how to disarm flammable and explosive material. >> make no mistake this apartment was designed based on everything i've seen for anybody to enter it, to be killed. whoever was planning on entering after this horrific crime was going to be a police officer. make no mistake, and if you think that we are a greek we sure are. what has happened in our city, and if you think that we're--angry we sure are >> this 100 team took four hours to dismantle all lease traps. they took the explosives to an undisclosed location and destroyed them. he is in solitary confinement with suspicion of multiple counts of first- degree murder and he is expected to be in court on monday. investigators believe that this was carefully planned. victims were being treated for chemical
mitigation impact however this is saying that he was not a drug. james holmes is due back in court next monday. today a judge ruled that cameras will not be allowed. there has been an outpouring of emotion into aurora. paul victims' are being comforted. by athletes and average citizens. >> these 12 white crosses are serving as a grief sentiment each representing a life lost. people have been stopping by and aurora, colorado to write messages for the victims. one woman came a fort the youngest. six year-old. she was in her movie theater with her mother inches now paralyzed. >> want to tell her mother this. i am out here for you. for your daughter. i've loved you. and i am sorry for your loss. i am so sorry! i am so sorry. >> this hard warming seen seven of the denver broncos. with support from the medical staff. he even showed up and his air national guard. this showing kristin day-- christian bayle is there to meet with the victims and for the people that are helping him hill. >> the suspect will remain in custody at a colorado jail. for the time being no bill has been set. while p
are up 5-10 degrees. >>vicki: suspect james holmes is scheduled to be formally charged in court. we will take a look at how his counseling with a psychiatrist could affect the charges. the latest batman film is sort of the competition, we will tell you how much the movie ticket despite the challenges. thought >>vicki: and james holmes is awaiting a court hearing on monday. his defense could be affected by news that he was a patient of a psychiatrist before last week's fatal attack. what does that mean? >> this weekend was filled with funeral and memorial services held for the victims of the colorado movie theater shooting. the suspect is scheduled to be formally charged in court on monday but friends and family of the victims them are still trying to come to grips of what happened. >> and a crisis all you have time for is to react. >> a court document showed that he was the patient before last week's attack. the information was contained from the suspect's >> any communications between the defendant and his psychiatrist are absolutely protected. if we do not know at this point
by was our dream homes and if my son was james holmes who lives in our rural colorado and i answered yes, since you have the right person. but i was referring to myself. i asked him to tell me why he was calling and he told me about a shooting an aura. he asked for a comment and i told them i could not comment because i did not know if the person he was talking about was my son. >>catherine: it turns out that holmes has ties here in northern california. this is a photo of him when he went to grade school near monterey. rob fladeboe has reaction from castro bill including one of his childhood friends. act is making headlines, but not the kind this resident witless >> he went berserk. >> it turns out he attended school here in castro in the late '90s. he it handicaps and middle school. >> he was likable. >> chris elkin's family owns a barbecue in was a classmate in good friend >> it hit me like a brick wall. i was driving all time, i had to get off of the fund. i was speechless. >> as he watched a month tv he recalls him as the smartest kid in class. >> we transfer to design a web site and
.m. all eyes are going to be on colorado. we will get a glimpse of james holmes. he is expected to be in court. we have the latest. >> james holmes will once again be escorted from a jail cell where he is being held in solitary confinement. he is expected to be formally charged. the 24 year-old is expected to gunning down 12 people. a gas mask barged into a crowded denver-area theater during a midnight showing of the batman movie on friday, then opened fire, killing 12 people and injuring at least deadliest mass shootings in recent u.s. history. >> certain laws for in the 1970's that had to do with that when a patient clears eminent danger that we have an obligation to warn that person, family members, or people that could be related to them and authorities. >> as the public a 40 build the cases families still have formal as the public defender build cases. >> although we cannot see her in all our hearts. >> he could be charged with first-degree murder with the possibility of the death penalty in colorado. court papers say the former the colorado movie theater shooting was bein
in that crowded colorado movie theatre. james holmes. 12 people died, 58 others were hurt in the rampage on friday. law enforcement officials are under a court order to remain silent about the movie massacre. but new details emerged today which suggest that the suspect may have telegraphed his plans ahead of time. >> a shooting at 7 theatre. >> reporter: from the moment of his arrest, james holmes has refused to talk about the crimes he is accused of committing. now there is word that he described his plans in detail. in a search of the university of colorado medical campus where he was enrolled as a student police found a package with his name and return address. >> reporter: it was discovered monday in the mailroom addressed to a university psychiatrist. inside was a notebook. several sources say holmes described his plans and even included stick figures with guns shooting other stick figures it is unclear how long the parcel had been in the mailroom. >> the professor that we believe it to be, it was somebody who taught a series of courses that he attended including a neurological disorders and
was designed to kill whoever entered it. >> the box is being examined by the fbi. investigators say holmes spent four months stock filing supplies and weapons, including an assault rifle and ninety-nineds of rounds ofm -- thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> he's been methodical, careful, in control, then he comes into court, and all of a sudden he's cata tonic. i don't believe it. >> there has been holmes was showing the effects of jailhouse medication. but report cites source that he was not drugged. he will be due in court monday to be charged. a judge ruled that cameras will not be allowed inside today. and there has been an outpouring of emotion into aurora. >> reporter: 12 white crosses are serving as a blank sheet for a community's grief. people have been stopping by to write messages for the victims and their families. one woman came especially to remember the youngest victim, 6-year-old veronica sulcan. the little girl was -- sullivan. she was in the theatre with her mother who is now paralyzed. >> i'm out here for you. i'm out here for your daughter. i love you. i'm sorry for yo
. holmes had an assault rifle, a shotgun and two pistols, a federal law enforcement official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing investigation. fbi agents and police used a hook and ladder fire truck to reach holmes' apartment and discovered the unit was booby trapped. authorities evacuated five buildings as they determine how to disarm flammable and explosive material. he is currently in a solitary confinement. with first degree murder. he is expected in court on monday. investigators think that it was carefully planned. with a pistol, a semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun. recently. also 6000 rounds of ammunition on the internet. he also purchased and assault the best. magazine holders. the ceo of the gear is says that it is company online purchases so many orders that it did not police stand out. the vigil outside with eight men, three women and one child. from ages of 51, the oldest. and for running, sullivan was 6 years old. teresa estacio has more on the victims. >> well,. this is 24 year- old victim of jessica. she was an inspiring sports reporter had r
okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] >>mark: and we are following the latest the james holmes. is expected to be charged on monday pin his mug shot was taken just hours after his arrest. we are learning new information about what was inside his apartment. they spent the entire weekend this arm in what was found inside koreans in we sell video from inside the home where there were about 30 explosive devices and grenades attached to a trip wires. there were also 10 gal. of gasoline that would enhance the explosion. all of this is just inside the living room. it was all taken to virginia you for fbi analysis pin he lived in castor of bill and monterey is rare he grew up pin he attended the in nearby middle school. residents of the tiny farming community say that they are stunned. at the martinez was a classmate of holmes pin >> and he was at the top of the class. it is a top student. he was a quiet and nice kid. he played with everyone on the playground. he was not an outcast and anything pin. computers were not as readily available as they are now and he had the skills to build
, things will warm significantly tomorrow. >>pam: the marriage between tom cruise and kenny holmes is officially no more. an attorney for holmes says she and crews have signed a divorce settlement. no details have made public but the couple released a joint statement saying that they are working together and the best interest of their young daughter. she filed for divorce on g- 20. and a polish church from 505 for an offensive to read about autism. the rams are received a lot of backlash after he >> the kardashian welcome to the newest addition to that family on sunday. courtney kardashian gave birth to her baby girl at cedars-sinai medical center. the entire family is spreading at the news. kris jenner told the news that the baby weighed in at 7 lbs. 19 oz. coming up at 6:00 p.m., after we are over your entertainment news with the insider. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calor
the identity of the shooter. >>this just in to the kron 4 news roomjames holmes is a 24 year old american there is no indication that he is tied to terrorism. they have been focusing on a window in this building. this apartment building has been evacuated. they have found items of interest inside. the fbi has not elaborated. his name is james holmes. a 24 year-old american. there could be possible explosives inside his apartment. that is where they are currently focusing the investigation. and it is only 10 minutes from the movie theater to were the crime scene is. 12 people killed. 38 people injured. detectives are on the scene. we are seeing dozens of officers. we're still getting lot of information with breaking news as they have identified the suspect as 24 year-old james holmes. >> the way that this attack happened was just horrible. these movie goers are in this dark and theater. really basically dropped as he burst and. he released a tear gas and he started walking up and down the aisles and open up fire. he was wearing a bulletproof the best. he was wearing a smoke mask. this is a
it is looking decent. >> james holmes showed no physical reaction is now that he is facing 100 >>catherine: with 116 counts of attempted murder. he was charged ones for showing collaboration and showing extreme indifference to human life. among the people were survivors of the shooting victims' wearing batman t-shirts. this was james holmes at his first court appearance as looking taste and out of it. witnesses, say that heat up. more aware. >> i do not believe that he is insane but i am not kite psychiatrist. he responded appropriately. and he said yes when he understood the charges. >> survivors cannot believe what happened at that will be theater. some of them are looking for answers and some wanted to be as i absolutely want to look at the suspect in court. i want to look at him in the face. i will be there until he is sent. he shot my daughter. he looked hurt in the face. for the latest. >> two people were shot in san francisco visitation l.a. neighborhood. they say that da lin it started with a very large fight. >> to large pools of blood. >> i was going to go out to st
holmes to appear back in court for the colorado shooting >> we're looking on how apple and samsung will be serving -- solving a dispute in court. >> the wall street is up about 13,000. degrees. it could be the warmest day of the week. temperatures ranging from the upper 60s to the mid 90's. who have more on the weather and i next report. >>george: we're looking for a car ride on interstate 680. the traffic is still heaviest in the east bay on highway 4 and interstate 580. there is no problem for the peninsula or are ride in the north bay. >>darya: prosecutors are going to be in the colorado court room charging james holmes for killing 12 people and running 58 when he opened fire in the theater in aurora colorado. and he appeared the first time with a red hair apparent. they want to know who leaked information about that package that was sent to a psychiatrist at the university of colorado in denver. fit -- contain information about the shooting. >> any communication between the defendant and the psychiatrist is absolute protected. we do not know the nature of the communications.
that they are stunned. adam martinez was a classmate of holmes and he described him as a popular kid. >> he was top of the class. was a top student quite nice kid. he was not a loner or outcast anything. the computers were not as readily available as they are now on he had the skills to work with them. he put together a website and things like that. to have grown up someone and have them be your class meet and have them do something like this is shocking. >> people in the oak hills subdivision remembers the boy. he also says that he was quite an athlete. he was always one of the first chosen pin >>justine: >>erica: we ask people if they felt safe and the movies? here is what they said pin their air lot of comments coming in this morning pin if you liked her to leave your own go to our facebook page. over the north bay and over the golden gate. >> it is mostly the fifties around area. we're off to a mild start. this afternoon will be is looking at cooler temperatures all round him and will be mainly '70s and inland. and by 3:00 in the afternoon in the '70s will turn into a lease. in the east bay v
holmes is due back on monday and will be formally charged. they said cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom. and about 10 minutes when we hear from one of the families of one of the victims you just became a need that days after the shooting. what >>darya: now no accosts a hydrogen explosion at the ac transit back and make. and the body was hurt but there was a leak that prompted some wheat -- street closures and evacuations. the transit board is one to talk about the problem today. it seems they had a problem with a valve. >>mark: apple could drag on the nasdaq. apple's shares are down 5%. you could see and this today. ford had decent earnings and caterpillar had decent earnings. all eyes are on and europe still. it has been the concerns about your kid has sent the dow lower in the last trading sessions. >> case and j.p. morgan chase have come to a settlement. >>darya: let's take a look at from paramount tam camp. it is a beautiful shot. will be right back. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favor
the line something snapped and james holmes went over to the dark side. rob fladeboe has more. >>rob: it makes me really sad. he was again. >> he says the james holmes he remembers was anything other than the person being called a monster. >> he was half have fallen in, it wasn't an will trust. i trusted him. that i can't even remember he's is amazing. this was 14 years ago. >> he teaches fifth grade at castro build an elementary school. 14 years ago he says than tenure old jimmy homes was easily his best student. >> he was level, positive and happy. if he was not isolated. and this is shocking. he snapped. >> despite the orange here and dazed expression he said he recognized the same bright kid that could run faster than anyone else in once designed a class web site in today's. >> this was back in 1990. you had to do lines of code to have anything done. he was way ahead of me off. >> he says there are simply no signs that his prize student was headed for trouble. >> he was a good kid. u-turn to the dark side but i do not know what. it is rare to the horrible and unbelievable. >>cath
about them at this point. . >>reporter: james holmes has been planning this for months. . this individual, in my opinion is a cold, calculating and murder. >> 12 people died and nearly 60 were hurt from this suspected the gunmen opened fire tear meat midnight showin shooting. . >> kids. mothers, fathers. they are dead. >> authorities have not publicly discussed a motive he is expected to appear in court today. for this community and many want to focus on the stories of courage, strength and not on evil or despair. and our rob their o rin aurora, colorado t mobile heavily.president obama and arrd in the bay area about 815 reggie kumar was there for the arrival. >>reporter:airforce one i arrived about one hour late. spending extra time in aurora, colorado. security was tight. once the president made its final turn the commander in chief exited and he waved. you walked down the stairs to his motorcade. he will spend sunday night in the san francisco his first event will be monday in reno, nev. word he will speak to the veterans of foreign wars. reggie kumar,
: the shooting suspect in that movie made his first court appearance today. 24 year-old james holmes is the man who opened fire in our war. his alleged victims saw him only in bullet proof body armor. when him. poured it out quite a surprise. >> he appeared dazed, confused and sometimes comatose. he did not say a word as the judge told him he would be formally charged in the weekend that bail is of the question. >> he has no right coming to court for the saddle defaced. >> the sky is nothing. he is a coward and a genius. he is flying the system. >> the father of another victim was at the hearing today. prosecutors say it is too early to make that determination. >> if the death penalty is sought, that is a long process that will impact their lives for years. they want to have and we would want to get their input. >>da: tonight j.r stone continues coverage on the theater shooting. he has details on how the suspect was able to get its hands on the ammunition and the weapons used. >> some of the neighbors near his apartment complex have been able to go back home. others are not so lucky. this is an
. >>> where we found tom and katie after the quickie divorce settlement. >> how holmes may have used the media to help her case. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> that lightning-fast divorce for tom cruise and katie holmes. >> tom back to work. after signing their agreement, why katie could be keeping silent. >> there's a major confidentiality agreement. >> behind the headlines holmes was brilliant in her divorce strategy. >> she's been out showing off the bond between suri and katie. >> all of this has contributed to a very positive press reaction. >> and what's in store for her and suri's future? >> reports are indicating that katie is returning to her catholic faith.
that the police are confident that the gunman acted alone. >> 24 year old james holmes was arrested peacefully. u.s. -- of weapons were found in the back of the theater and in the parking lot. there is a 12 gauge shotgun and a 40 caliber handgun. he had on pats and my pants. >> yet tactical ballistic. it places to put clips. he was wearing a throat protection in falling production and was wearing black and >> went he removed the body armor they found the head is hair painted red and said he was the joker. lee said the gunman bought a ticket to the movie left to the emergency exit and propped it open. he came back and threw a grenade and then of an fire. >> no one could really see anything. at that point he started shooting people behind me. >> there was one guy the was crawling there was this girl is thinning of blood. >> i didn't turn buying me i didn't get back at this thought out. >> police responded almost immediately. >> i have all but the people sought out here. get targeted at here. we have people coming in. >> the police went to the suspect's apartment and found that the trap. >>
to it. -- with no way to get mate-- for it to explode. >> james holmes was being treated but to rise -- pot by a psychiatrist at the university of colorado. he sent the university a package. it is unclear whether this package was sent before the attack. meanwhile other victims will be laid to rest today. witnesses said that's a match say to his girl friend's life-- matt safe his girlfriend by diving in front of her. >> we will have the latest details about the colorado shooting on our web site. you can also check our facebook page and twitter. ride >> then beat official figures are not being released but plain clothes police officers are pretending to be fans of both teams. we'll have the highlights from the weekend games from the dodgers and the dense forest. >> the olympic games or on under way. take a look at that. danny boyle was in charge of the $42 million celebration. 31 of the things is they made it look like a queen of england parachuted into the stadium. sooner or when michael phelps barely qualified this morning >> we had someone buy a bag of candy in the got more than
of injured ranges from 38 to 50 people. >>darya: 24 year old james holmes is being held for the shooting. >>justine: we have the video of the fbi agents as they searched the suspects hall. they are breaking through the windows of the suspect's apartment building is about 10 minutes away from the movie theater. they did at what point say their arrears some items of interest found inside his apartment. they have not elaborated upon that in that is what we are watching right now. the apartment complex was evacuated in the middle of the night right after this happened. he told them that he had explosives -- explosives at his home. we will give you more -- more information as it comes into the kron 4 news ran. was briefed on the shooting and this is what he said. we are waiting for an appearance that was scheduled for a 20 this morning. a 20 p.m. -- a 20 a.m. this morning. 8:20 am >>mark: mit romney is also expected to make a statement. we will be right back. >>darya: this is a witness on the scene. >> he mentioned something to me when we are doing our live shot a second ago that a person th
holmes is claiming he has amnesia and does not remember opening fire in a crowded movie theater often asking why am i here? court papers filed today said the former red soon was being treated by a psychiatrist at the university where he studied. he is said to be officially charged on monday. >> a teenager and wounded in the colorado shooting is back in her home state of louisiana. stay with kron4 we have the latest details on our web site. we invite you to share your thoughts on our facebook fiji and twitter. >> a section of channel street in san francisco was closed for several hours. a construction crew uncovered what is being described as a piece of old military ordinance. offs >> excavation crew uncovered what is described as a military style mortar shell. the san francisco police and fire affirmance came on scene to shut down this section of channel street and evacuated neighbors in the area. they also called an air force explosive team. >> the air force took possession of the object and transported back to travis air force base. >>pam: the giants open against the dodgers this ev
bush. >> new video has surface of a young guard james holmes, the man suspected of shooting and killing salt people inside the crowded cholera a movie theater. >> memorial service and a presidential visit today in colorado for the victims of the theater shooting massacre. stay home video has surfaced showing james holmes speaking in public. we will have that for you. new this morning, the famous joe paterno statue has been removed from its base. good morning, i am marty gonzalez. we will get to the top stories in a moment. first, a quick check on the forecast. janu >> this is the view from our mt. tam camera. a blanket of low cloud cover as well as fog. we are waking up to coastal low clouds and fog but we are expecting it to clear pretty quickly. as for the afternoon we are expecting a lot of sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures compared to yesterday. here is a look at where temperatures are sitting right now. low eighties for the east bay. mid-60's for half moon bay with a mix of upper 80s and low 90s. 70 degrees expected for downtown san francisco. i will tell you about the cool
of shooting rampage is said to be formally charged tomorrow. court papers revealed that james holmes is being treated by a psychiatrist at the university where he was setting there's also a report that he said the psychiatrist a notebook with descriptions of the attack. he is likely to face multiple charges of first-degree murder but the d.a.'s office says a decision on whether or not to seek a death penalty is still months away. >> still to come, kron4 news weekend, mitt romney is trying to firm his foreign relations policy knowledge with a trip to israel. >> here is a live look outside, this time in the south bay. overcast skies. janu will be along with the forecasted a couple of minutes. diana ec is nell's dan peyton tisch said white unknown ec has no use in their look into this phase plan and [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪ hit send... and their checks are deposited right to their account. well almo
or story idea for stanley, e-mail us. james holmes is scheduled to be formally charged in court tomorrow. coming up, we will get a look at how his counseling fees might affect the charges. gun sales in california are on track to reach a new record high, we will find out what is behind that. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh. >>brian: in the south of san jose will the into the '90s. 70's and 80's bayside. san francisco is forecast to reach 70 degrees. temperatures will come down a few degrees for tuesday the basically the entire week will be mild-warm. cooler weather by the weekend. >>vicki: shooting suspect james holmes awaits a court hearing on monday where he is expected to be formally charged his defense could be affected by news that he was a patient of university of colorado psychiatrists before the attack >> this weekend was filled with fun
is. his name is james holmes. his friends described him as being quiet, responsible and some say is socially awkward. he called himself the joker while being arrested. he shot 71 people and killing 12. people are wondering what's serious so far there are no clear resigns that he was disturbed or capable of such a heinous act of violence. he was smart, a good student and generally kept himself. >> the conversations we did have were very short period he is someone he would not look at twice walking down the street. >> after high school he attended the university of california riverside. he was enrolled in the neuroscience program and graduated with high honors in 2000 and. then he moved to colorado to pursue his ph.d. at the university of colorado school of medicine in or. recently he began the process of withdrawing from the program. he lived in a modest one- bedroom apartment that was left of the contract. see if there was loud it techno music blaring late last night and into the mornings during the time of the cheating. once the news of the shootings broke his mother told the me
a memorial in are more yesterday. holmes was accused of lilly killing 12 people when he opened fire in the movie theater less than a. jackson called the shooting and active domestic terrorism. he wants assault rifles we moved from the hands of criminals pit he also draws attention that homes but 6000 rounds of ammunition. >> there is a voice yesterday to honor the first responders of the shooting and zero more. >>mark: the families of five people that died in the pg&e gas line explosive has settled the lawsuit. the judge said he is of domestic that similar negotiated before in the october trial date. >>darya: in an interview, romney midgets of problems getting ready. >> is disconcerting about the stories of the private security firms not having enough people. >> the prime minister stated the following. camera appeared to draw a contrast from london and solid city. >> we know that this city that opens in -- the house the and the big games in the most bustling city in the world but is much easier if you hold it in the middle of nowhere. >>darya: a major drug bust in california. he
. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> that divorce between tom cruise and katie holmes. >> he's not focused on tom cruise. it's about what she wants in her life. >>> katie holmes' new manhattan outing with suri, inside reports that the mom has now gotten thin. her new interview about moving on. >>> plus -- >> there were a number of reasons why tom would not have stopped in new york to see suri. >> is katie blocking tom from seeing his 6-year-old daughter? will cruise now have to take her to court to fight for custody? >> katie holmes can not allow tom cruise to see his daughter. tom cruise would have to go to a court hearing to make sure he gets parenting. >>> jessica's first fourth of july with her newborn daughter.
shooting will be in court today. james holmes opened fired during the midnight showing of the dark night terrorizes. the president paid a visit to the community. i confessed to them >> president obama-my main purpose was to serve as a representative for the entire country to know that within a we are thinking about them. >>darya: authorities believe that holmes was planning a rampage for months. his court appearance is sent for a a 30 our time. you will be looking for that in the next hour and a half. amex this >> this is a program has the president's visit to people in the hospital >> the president says that could store is like that is what he hopes the community remembers most after the attention. >> officials are not saying much about this. it is the worst shooting in history. they could have been worse if the gun had not changed. he had three guns when he was arrested including a 70 that automatic assault rifle. one of the magazine's jammed and he had to use a pistol at that time. that was an indication that he could've gotten away appeared at the officers spotted him and stopped
the comedy and the dance revolution >> the alleged colorado shooter, james holmes is getting ready to have sick his second court appearance. in just a couple of hours. you have this--second expected court appearance. >> and also the increase in gas prices in the olympics are in full swing. we are going to see what gary has to say. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end. back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>mark: the top stories were falling
details on katie holmes' decision to file for divorce from tom cruise. >> katie holmes' independence day with suri. her first words since filing for divorce. her new interview about moving on. >> her father fired a number of the people who were around her and she also changed her cell phone number. >> what katie's lawyer is telling us about rumors that she wants a public divorce trial. and -- >> that was definitely a strategy of surprise. tom would have to get his army of attorneys together. > could tom now file his own papers in california? where he is today. >> he spent his birthday with his older children. but the closest that he got to suri was on the telephone. >>> our fourth of july "star watch." britney. beyonce. ki
officers were forced to go to mass on james holmes. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside in downtown san franciscan. low cloud of restoring some of banking. we will see fog again tomorrow morning include tatars of the details at 6 him. happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters. higher prices are on the way. kron4 is breaking down the impact of this year's newly any additional routes. but had a shocking and scary. >>catherine: crimes are skyrocketing and one east bay suburb. frustrated residents say they're taking matters into their own hands. details are next. announcer: the kron4 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >>pam: the usda said today food prices at the grocery store will be going up next year because of the record drop in most of the country this year. j.r stone this following the story and joins us with details on food prices that have really been rising since last year. >>j.r: here we go again. overall we talked about an
-- at the warriors. of all >>> tom versus katie. how holmes' new york divorce filing could hurt cruise. >> and inside wild reports that she fears their daughter could be kidnapped. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. >>> katie's new apartment reportedly being staked out by men connected to the church of scientology. >> katie holmes believes she is being followed. >> is cruise's estranged wife in hiding with suri in manhattan? >> assign toll. >>> fights back against reports that a spy crew is tailing katie's every move. >> did she file in new york to block tom from seeing their daughter? >> it's more likely she'd be able to get sole control in new york. >> and -- >> i have one older brother, he's a lawyer. >> how katie reportedly broke free. the secret plot to blindside tom with divorce papers. >> katie's really been planning this exit for over a year. it was almost a military-style exit. >> alec baldwin's new york weekend wedding. >> the kiss, the ring, as the just married star poses in his underwear and high heels for "vanity fair." >> then -- >> always have the music
>>> could katie's divorce from tom now help her career? >> how cruise and holmes are now moving on after one of the fastest settlements in history. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> their speedy divorce settlement with katie holmes. >> she had hired three law firms in three states. >> suri, katie and her mom face headlines that blare "how katie beat tom." >> she had her own secret disposal cell phone that she used to plan this. >> will the divorce now help katie's career? >> nicole kidman had a big career surge shortly after her divorce. >> the consensus in hollywood is that katie will see the career bump more so than tom. why? >>> and why his chemistry on
charges. jill workers say the james holmes has an the show and is not remember opening fire. and he is asking why am i here. --jail employees to not believe him. and the former graduate student was being treated by a psychiatrist at the university where he studied. there are reports that he saw the same psychiatrist with a notebook detailing the attack. he will be officially charged on monday. catherine heenan, kron 4. >> there is some good news with a teenager when did is back in her home state of louisiana. this is video. she had friends, family waiting when she arrived by ambulance in baton rouge. she was shot in the leg and already has had three surgeries and is well on her way to a good recovery. stay with kron 4 we have latest details on our website. and on our facebook fan page. >> jacqueline: this live look over san francisco court which cannot see much but just that low cloud coverage near the coast. taking another live look at the san mateo bridge very clear skies. just a bit of fog coming over the hills it is going to stick close to the coast. overnight, we
fire in a crowded, run a theater. >> from the moment of his arrest, and james holmes has refused to talk about the crimes he is accused of committing. thoughtful now there is word that he described his plans in detail. >> a package was discovered monday in an e-mail address to university psychiatrist. inside was a noble. several sources say he described his plans and even included stick figures with guns shooting other stick figures. fifth it is unclear how long the parcel had been in the mail room. one source says it was delivered on july 12th. >> if it is a professor we believe to be it is someone who taught a series of courses that he attended including neurological disorders and ironically schizophrenia. >> now, the first lawsuit is in the works. one man says he is suffering too extreme, because of the death of a friend and plans to sue the theater for failing to properly secure the emergency exit, his doctors for allegedly prescribed medications and warner brothers because he said the movie the dark highrises was too violent. in the meantime the family of the shooting victim
. >> james holmes was arrested at the scene and is being held in solitary confinement. he is due to be formally charged on monday. another piece from the jury sandusky's sex abuse puzzle turns up. two attorneys at state colleges have the veinous say they have identified one of his victims is known as a victim number two. we're also hearing from sandusky himself >> i was just calling to see if you have any interest in going to the penn state game on saturday. >> that recording comes from a series of voice mails that sandusky left for one of his victims in september of 2011, two months before his arrest on child sex abuse charges. they say they have identified the person previously known as a victim no. 2 mike mccurry testified seeing in a locker room shower 10 years earlier. victim's identity remains closely guarded. thief's his attorney alleges the voice mails for his attempt to maintain control over his victim. >> if you could get back to me and let me know i would appreciate it. it's when you get this message, give me a call. >> the victims' attorneys plan to file a civil suit
possible. >>pam: james holmes, the suspect in a call rodham will be massacres back in court. he was officially charged with 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder. he is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others inside and or or colorado movie theater more than a week ago. michael carr does it is here to talk about the case. a double charge on the murder? >> remember this is that california is >>caller: . in colorado, when you have an extreme indifference murder count, that allows the court if he is convicted, the sentences consecutively. he will theoretically have slowed life imprisonments to serve if he does not get the death >>pam: some people think this guy is insane but one of the mother said he responded, those who say he dressed to protect themselves that maybe is not insane. >> both sides are right. he certainly knew right from wrong, absolutely. under the law that is all he has to do. it begs the question, whitehead of human being does this, someone who is sane or insane? most would say he is insane but not under the law and he will face conseq
. >>> katie holmes swarmed by cameras outside hers and daughter suri's new york hideway. >>> plus, inside tom's reported prenup. who could get watt what? >> it's going to limit and dictate the amounts that katie will get. >>> melanie griffith on her
', 25 and some of the burned out holmes as people evacuated these neighborhoods. >> darya: good morning james, now we have weather. >> james: good morning, you can see the marine layer is pushing its way into the bay. we are dealing with and i spelled start this morning temperatures in san francisco are in the mid fifties and low sixties for san jose. now here is the wider view that you can see on our map, mainly in the upper 50s throughout most of the bay area this morning. last week we were talking about upper '40's for santa rosa and apple but not so today. today we are dealing with a nice smile start this afternoon will be warm, temperatures at noon look like this, we have 60s along the coast, said his runcie the day and at that point we have 80's in the. it will get more definite as we head towards 3:00 p.m. even the possibility of upper 80s. now let us take a tour of the bay area. these are the temperatures that we are expecting. now we flew right past the rest of that but the east bay valley that is where we will see the mid to upper 80s and then potentially, we are talking possi
with with more in just a couple of minutes. >>mark: holmes is facing 24 counts of first-degree murder for each person that was killed. is also facing 116 counts of attempted murder as well as other charges related to weapons and explosives. >> maybe he can't prove that he wasn't aiming the rifle at a particular person. but when he opened fired in a crowded theater that is disregard for human life. >>mark: they're looking into the context of the packages that he sent to a psychiatrist. mom's is in isolation and he was held in jail without bail. there's some question about why there are double charges for each victim. >> that is unusual. in colorado when you have that in some extreme indifference murder counts this allows them to sentence him consecutive league to 12 life imprisonment. so many people say this guy's insane there was a mother that was in court today said that he acted sain the respondent he wore clothes to protect himself. maybe is not insane. under the law he to assess the understand what he did. but i guess it makes the question about what kind of human being would do this. yo
/katie holmes getting so much attention. >> tom cruise taking aim. back at work. attacking the wild "house of horrors" cover story. >> the article claims suri was actually hidden from the world for five months in a tiny windowless room. >> tom's legal team found out about the cover. >> do you think he's doing the right thing by threatening a lawsuit? >>> j. lo today on rumors that she's leaving "american idol." >> it's been on my mind a lot. it's a tough decision. maybe it's time for me to go. >>> people want you to be with someone every single day. >> there's a lot of rumors that come up. >> tim tebow and his once-rumor f
holmes. law enforcement are under a court order to remain silent. however, new details are emerging that suggests that he could have had it in his plans ahead of time it. >> dispatcher: there is a shooting. >> and now there is a word that he has described his plans in detail multiple news outlets are reporting that the former neuroscience graduate student accused of killing 12 people in a colorado movie theater sent a notebook to his university containing scribblings of stick figures being shot. citing unnamed law enforcement sources, fox news' website reported that james holmes sent the notebook to the school in a package that sat in a university of colorado, denver, mail room since at least july 12. it wasn't found until monday. >> if it is the professor that is believed to be it is something that it taught a series of courses that he attended including of neurological disorders and ironically, schizophrenia. fox said the notebook contained drawings of stick figures being shot. nbc news, also citing unnamed sources, reported that holmes told investigators to look for the package a
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